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Faustin's mansion in Beachgate.

Mikhail Faustin's mansion is the home of Mikhail Faustin, his wife Ilyena Faustin and their daughter Anna Faustin. It is located in the affluent Beachgate district of Broker, Liberty City.


Several missions for Faustin start here, and it is where the player first encounters him. On the driveway by the mansion, Mikhail's Turismo will usually spawn. In several missions, Mikhail's white DF8-90 will also appear. Around the back of the mansion, long blood trails can be seen leading from the back doors down to the Firefly Island Beach.

The radio station playing inside the mansion is Vladivostok FM.

After Mikhail's death, Ilyena and her daughter are forced to sell the house to pay debts. She spends much of her time at the local amusement park, where the player may encounter her as a random character.

Mission Appearances

It is the mission start location for Mikhail Faustin and some times Dimitri Rascalov in the following missions.


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