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Ferdinand Kerimov
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Ferdinand Kerimov
Also known as: Mr. K
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Nationality: Azerbaijani
Voiced by: Armin Amiri

Ferdinand Kerimov, also known as Mr. K, is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Events of GTA V

The FIB and the IAA are involved in a bureaucratic fight over which agency will receive more government funding. The IAA captures Mr. K and fakes his death to "remove him from the record", then extradites him for torture. Under the orders of Steve Haines, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips rescue him from the IAA in the midst of a torture session, but only to remove him to another warehouse. Mr. K is brutally tortured, this time by Trevor under Steve's supervision, until he gives them enough information so that Michael and Dave Norton can locate and kill Tahir Javan.

Afterwards, Steve gives Trevor the order to kill Mr. K. Trevor decides instead to let Mr. K live solely because he doesn't like taking orders from government types. He drives Mr. K to the airport, ignores his complaints about his poor health and wanting to see his family again he tells him to fly out of the country. Once dropped off at the Airport, Mr. K attempts to run away and eventually stumbles down a flight of stairs. Mr. K is not seen again.

Mr. K was allegedly a terrorist or at least involved in terrorism in some form, but it is at least implied that he was simply a scapegoat.

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