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Fern Ridge in GTA San Andreas, as viewed to the northwest.

Fern Ridge is a heavily-forested area in Red County, San Andreas. Nearby areas include Hampton Barns, Montgomery, Blueberry and Hilltop Farm. It has numerous trees and dirt roads, and it is a large landmass.

Catalina's hideout is located in this area, and it is the only structure on the hill. The place also serves as a save point for the player, but only after the mission King in Exile. The save point is located right beside the cabin. Catalina's missions are also accessed here. There are 3 graves near Catalina's house with a shovel near them, implying that Catalina killed and buried people here.

Stationary Vehicles

  • Buffalo - Beside the cabin, Catalina's car.


  • Shovel - Beside the makeshift graves.



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