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The Firefly Island district composes of the namesake amusement park and a massive beach and pier adjoining the fairground.

Firefly Island is an area of southern Broker, based on New York's Coney Island. It is bordered to the north by Crockett Avenue (Hove Beach), to the west by the Humboldt River, to the south by an unnamed body of water, and to the east by Shinnecock Avenue(Beachgate).

Despite being called an island, it is actually physically connected to the Broker mainland. Its amusement park, called Funland, is closed for the season during the game. Banners hung in the area also imply the area is closed, and Michelle commented during her first date with Niko Bellic that there was interest in developing the site, or turning it into a "Las Venturas-style theme park". Local businesses, however, such as a bowling alley and hot dog stands, still operate.

Firefly Island (red) in the Liberty City map.

Places of interest

Being a beachside amusement park, the entire area of Firefly Island can be considered a place of interest; however, specific attractions located within its boundaries include the Funland amusement park off Oneida Avenue, the screamer roller coaster and the miniature golf course are closed. The Memory Lanes bowling alley along the boardwalk is open for business, as well as food stands along the boardwalk. The boardwalk itself is roughly stretching from Memory Lanes to Mohawk Avenue to Shinnecock Avenue.


Subway service is provided at the station in neighboring Hove Beach, to the north. Also, when you unlock Brucie Kibbutz's special ability, Firefly Island is one of the destinations available.


  • Before climbing the double stairs to reach Firefly Island proper, look to your right and you'll see a go track racing ring. It is partially covered by wooden slats as well as a chainlink fence. If you enter the go cart area, you should be able to find a pistol drop close to the edge of the building on your left, close to the word "karts" on the wall.
  • On the boardwalk, under the shelter just west of the bowling alley, some molotov cocktails can be found.


  • When attacked, civilians will sometimes produce weapons such as knives and handguns. They appear to be members of the Russian Mafia.
  • There is a person, either a man or woman, practicing Tai Chi on the beach.
  • You can find brick projectiles near the Tai Chi person. If you throw it at the man, he will not attack or flee. If you throw it at the woman, she will flee.
  • There is an entrance to the beach in an alley between a house and a substation in Beachgate.
  • On the beach in GTA Chinatown Wars, there is a rock that resembles a penis.
  • On one of the mini golf courses near the boardwalk, there are spears about the height of a man. These seem to be the model for Jefferson Towers in East Los Santos, San Andreas, only minimized. Also, in another course, there is a statue of a cock, which seem to be the same model as the "World's largest cock" outside Pecker's Feed and Seed in Las Payasadas.


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