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[[File:FishmarketSouthfiredepartment-GTA4-exterior.jpg|thumb|400px]]The '''Fishmarket South Fire Station''', is an [[LCFD]] located in the neighborhood of [[Fishmarket South]] in [[Algonquin]].
[[File:FishmarketSouthfiredepartment-GTA4-exterior.jpg|thumb|400px|Fishmarket South Fire Station]]
The '''Fishmarket South Fire Station''' is an [[LCFD]] station located in lower [[Fife Palace]] building in [[Fishmarket South]] in [[Algonquin]].
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[[Category:Fire Stations in GTA IV]]
[[Category:Fire Stations in GTA IV]]

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Fishmarket South Fire Station

The Fishmarket South Fire Station is an LCFD station located in lower Fife Palace building in Fishmarket South in Algonquin.

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