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The Flint Intersection is a major highway/road intersection connecting the main road servicing southern Los Santos and Flint County with the major highway servicing Los Santos and San Fierro, running through Flint County and Whetstone. The intersection is located just west of the Richman district of Los Santos, and north of the Los Santos Inlet.


The intersection is very limited and can be classed as "incomplete". There are only two loops, serving cars coming from the west (Angel Pine and west San Fierro) going to the north , and those coming from the south (Los Santos) going to the west. There are no roads serving any other directions. The intersection resembles a cloverleaf intersection with the edge roads and two loops removed. By Rockstar's crude humor this intersection was made as a penis.

The region also includes a trailer park where a Monster is parked.

The Suicidal Photographer

For Myths see GTA Myths Wiki.

Across the road to the south of the trailer park, a random pedestrian will often be seen shooting photographs of the Los Santos skyline across the inlet. This involves some detailed animation: the pedestrian is shown both standing erect and kneeling, holding a camera up to his/her face, clicking the shutter (which is heard), and a camera flash is also seen. If the player observes the pedestrian for a while, eventually he/she will stop taking photos, sometimes will utter a random phrase or greeting to Carl, and then walk away right into the water, where the photographer drowns. Contrary to common belief, the suicidal photographer is not an easter egg and actually a programming mishap - pedestrians in the game usually follow predetermined paths, and the lack of one nearby causes one to walk off to wherever he/she is facing; in this case, the water.


Stationary Vehicles

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