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Forum Drive as seen in the next-gen trailer.

Forum Drive is a small street located in Strawberry and Chamberlain Hills, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Forum Drive begins at Strawberry Avenue from the east and ends at intersection with Strawberry Avenue and Davis Avenue in the west, being crossed by Carson Avenue. The west side (below Carson Avenue) mostly consists of housing projects and apartments, while the east side hosts small, single-family homes and small businesses. The street also has the initial safehouse for Franklin Clinton. The southern leg of Forum Drive continues southeastward as Grove Street, while the northern leg becomes Macdonald Street.

Notable Residents


Places of Interest


Forum Drive is based on Coliseum Street in the Baldwin Hills area.

Interestingly the shape of the street is very similar to South 3rd and 4th Avenues in Inglewood, California which are close to Crenshaw Boulevard and the Los Angeles Forum just as Forum Drive is close to Strawberry Avenue and the Maze Bank Arena.

Gang Control

This street is known as the Families territory. The eastern side (Strawberry side) is home for the Forum Drive Families set, while the western side (Chamberlain Hills side) is home for the Chamberlain Gangsters set, however, after the storyline and main hood missions a lot more Ballas are spotted in the area.


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