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Fred's Pictures is a British children's film production company featured in Grand Theft Auto V. They are a parody of The Walt Disney Company. Their mascot is a 1930's-styled wolf who looks similar to Mickey Mouse. Fred's Pictures is own by Fred Whitney.

Unlike Disney, who make family friendly films, Fred's Pictures is a polar opposite of that, making films that deal with more adult subjects while containing profanity, dark imagery, and sexually explicit scenes. However, it is rumored that there are hidden images of dark and sexual imagery within many of Walt Disney's films; therefore Fred's Pictures may be a play on those imageries.

According to some internet news about a wild celebrity party held in the Gentry Manor Hotel, the celebrities that took party on it were recording the voice overs for a Fred's Pictures incoming animated movie.


  • S. Louis Crawford
  • Fred Whitney (possibly CEO)

Known Films


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