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The Freeway in GTA IV
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Classic Harley Davidson
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
Manufacturer Western Motorcycle Company
Liberty City Cycles (variant; GTA IV)

"The signature bike of Mitch Baker and his crew. Approach with extreme caution."
— GTA Vice City Website

The Western Motorcycle Company & Liberty City Cycles Freeway is a motorcycle that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Freeway is the second and third fastest bike in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, respectively. Due to its heavy weight, it is not suitable for stunts or off-roading, but its speed makes it an enjoyable bike for ordinary street-cruising. The Freeway resembles a classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle in all its incarnations, as is the basis for the Angel.

In Vice City Stories, however, it only has a black paint job. Going to a Pay 'N' Spray will not change its color.

In GTA IV, the Freeway resembles a 2007 Harley-Davidson Fatboy, and sports a Western Motorcycle Company brand and conventional handlebars, distinguishing it from more radically designed choppers. The bike is also available with one or two-tone colors, different carburetor caps and gas tanks, and optional side panniers (saddlebags) at the rear.


GTA IV & San Andreas

It has a long wheelbase, rather heavy weight and fatter tires than other bikes, which give it the best ride of the bikes. The price for its comfort; its handling and acceleration. It has a very wide turning circle, which can give trouble when parking, or running from the cops. And its acceleration is marginal, but not impressive. All in all this is the best cruiser of all the bikes, but should never be put in a position when high speed and tight handling are needed.



The requested Freeway in Stevie's Car Thefts in GTA IV.

  • In GTA IV, a Freeway is requested as part of Stevie's Car Thefts, appearing with a beige coloring. As a new Freeway will re-spawn at the same spot until the player delivers one to S&M Auto Sales, the player can save one at their safehouse before delivering another.


GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories

GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City


  • In the GTA Vice City introduction, there is a unique Freeway with flame decals. It is possibly the beta Freeway.
  • In GTA San Andreas the Freeway has two exhaust gas plumes, on either side of the rear wheel, but only one exhaust on the right of the wheel. This implies that the freeway was originally meant to have two exhausts in the game.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the Freeway can be used to enter Area 69 by parking close enough to a vent in the base where there are no vehicles kept. Once stepping off you should land in the base and right on a minigun. There is visibly no way out by either killing CJ or getting out through the vent in the next room.
  • The Freeway and Faggio are the only vehicles in GTA Vice City Stories that only has a black paintjob.
  • In GTA IV, some game files (handling.dat and POLICE_SCANNER.rpf) refer to the Freeway as a "Bobber", although there already is a vehicle named "Freeway" in POLICE_SCANNER.rpf. "Bobber" may have been the Freeway's name in the GTA IV Beta.[1]
    Freeway badges
    [2][3] "Bobber" is a term that refers to a type of modified motorbike somewhat similar to a chopper.
  • Upon collecting all thirty vehicles for Stevie, he agrees to purchase vehicles from Niko Bellic. The Freeway can be sold to him for $2,000.
  • The Freeway plays the following radio stations by default when entered:
  • In both of GTA IV's DLCs, the option of saddlebags on the Freeway was removed, for unknown reasons.
  • In GTA Liberty City Stories the Freeway has a licence plate of the state of Florida like in GTA Vice City.
  • In GTA San Andreas if one were to look at the back of the license plate on the Freeway the vehicle template is visible.
  • The Freeway in the 3D Universe appear to look like the Zombie bike from GTA IV.
  • The Freeway was meant to be featured in GTA V, however the bike was taken out for unknown reasons.


  • In GTA San Andreas, if the player successfully brings a Freeway to Area 69, park it at the air vent (on the higher side) as close as possible, then get off. Then, you will glitch through the floor and land somewhere near a Mini Chaingun, inside Area 69, as seen in this video. This happens becaude Area 69 isn't in the Hidden Interiors, but actually part of the mesh. Because of this, you can use spawning cheats to spawn a car or Rhino inside there, even during the mission 'Black Project'.


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