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Friend or Foe?
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
For: Hsin Jaoming
Target: The Midtown Gang
Reward: None
Unlocks: Scrambled
Unlocked by: A Shadow Of Doubt
Triad: "Hsin has given us authority to do 'whatever it takes' to get those files."
Huang: "Whatever it takes'? Why don't we just ask to see them? They're supposed to be loyal to Hsin, right? Nobody needs to get hurt."
Triad: "I wonder why Hsin thinks you're the rat? You're more like the village idiot."
Huang Lee and Hsin's men about to steal FIB files from Koreans

Friend or Foe? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to Huang Lee by Hsin Jaoming.


The player must head over to Hsin's place and meet Chen who orders them to get into a van, and start driving eastward. The player will be lead to a set of explosives in a back alley and will need to get out of the van to collect them before hopping back in and driving to the next destination.

Now they must drive to the Korean gangsters' hideout to hit the waypoint. They will need to get out of the van and set the explosives near a wall using the touchscreen to plant and arm the bomb. The explosion blows a hole in the wall through which two men walk in, and the player must get back in the van and back it up to the hole in the wall.

Next, the player needs to defend the entrance to the back alley, they should walk to the new waypoint and take cover near the wall at the entrance. Gangsters will roll up in cars and get out to try and enter the alley. The player must kill them (Molotovs and a sword work well) and watch the radar for a group of enemies that enter from the opposite side of the alley. They should then kill them (the player needs a Molotov or grenade for this) and then gets back in the van.

Drive back to the garage that's now the player's GPS destination and expect some weak resistance on the way. Ignore the Korean gangsters' cars and just drive to enter the garage. As the player enters the garage, a touchscreen mini-game challenges you to crack the safe. Place the stethoscope on the safe and then rotate the dial until you get the stethoscope to beep. A button on the instrument will blink when you've got the right position, prompting you to press the button and lock in the number. Then start rotating the dial the opposite direction to find the next number. There are three numbers to find and when the player has got them all locked in, they will complete the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the van
  • Collect the explosives
  • Drive to the Koreans' building
  • Plant the explosives while Hsin's men guard the entrance
  • Get back in the van
  • Reverse the van up to the wall
  • Get out of the van and guard the entrance
  • Take out the Koreans who are defending their building
  • Hsin's men have got the safe. Get back in the van and get out of there
  • Take the safe back to the garage
  • Go to the garage
  • Break into the safe

Mission Replay description

"Hsin wanted absolute assurance that the Midtown Gangsters were loyal.

He sent me and some of his goons over to their base of operations to look at their files and ledgers.

Things got confrontational - and Hsin's goons' explosives didn't help - but at least we got what we went for."


Video Walkthroughs

Friend or Foe?
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GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 47 - Friend or Foe?

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