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Gambetti crime family
Gambetti members
Games: Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: Little Italy, Algonquin
Meadow Hills, Dukes
Downtown, Broker
Leader: Sonny Cangelosi (?-1978)
Jon Gravelli (1978-2008)
Type: Italian American Mafia Family
Enemies: Pavano Family
Lupisella Family
Ancelotti Family
Russian Mafia
Korean Mob
Affiliations: The Commission
Messina Family
Pegorino Family
United Liberty Paper
Vehicles: Sentinel XS
Sports PMP 600
Weapons: Knife
Combat Shotgun
Businesses: Labor Unions rackets (including Construction, Window fitting, Bus Lines and Cleaning), Gambling
Armed Robbery
Fronts: Dry Cleaners
Members: Jon Gravelli (Deceased)

Sammy Bottino
Roy Zito

The Gambetti crime family are the strongest and most-powerful of the Liberty City Cosa Nostra families in The Commission during Grand Theft Auto IV, led by mafia Don Jon Gravelli since 1978. They are based in Broker, Dukes, and Algonquin. They are most likely the strongest gang in Liberty City. They are possibly, the most legitimate Family since they have many businesses spreading all over the city. According to Gravelli they have controlled many lucrative rackets including windows, bus lines and cleaning since 1958. It is unknown if they also control parts of Alderney but this is most unlikely because the Ancelotti Family control parts of Alderney along with the Pegorino Family. It is a very big family, but with many unknown members. This particular mob family came into conflict with the Midtown Gangsters, Ancelotti Family, and the Faustin Family led by Dimitri Rascalov. They have shown big support to Niko Bellic by bringing Darko Brevic into the country. This however was possible with some help of the head of the United Liberty Paper.

Mission appearences


Members and associates

  • Jon Gravelli - Former Don of the Gambetti family. Was critically ill and had resided in the Schottler Medical Center for the last three years. Died in 2008.
  • Sammy Bottino - Gravelli's right hand man, and Underboss until he went into hiding because he is wanted for a murder in Vice City.
  • Roy Zito - Gravelli's top advisor and Consigliere since Bottino went into hiding. Likely took over the family after Jon Gravelli's death.

Former members



The Gambetti family is based on the Gambino crime family, widely regarded as one of the most powerful and respected mafia family's of New York City, second only to the Genovese crime family. They help Construction Unions for business as well as the Messina Family, but having a dislike of some sort for the Ancelotti Family.


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