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Special Box Case-GTAV

Special Edition packaging

Following Grand Theft Auto IV's Collector's EditionGrand Theft Auto V also features three different editions.[1]They were announced on the Rockstar Newswire on May 23 2013, with the possibility to pre-order them starting that day. The three editions are:

  • Standard Edition, featuring no additional content and has, therefore, the lowest price - $60/£40/€60
  • Special Edition, featuring additional digital content and has, therefore, a higher price - $80/£60/€80
  • Collector's Edition, featuring additional digital content and physical goodies and has, therefore, the highest price - $150/£120/€130

Editions comparison

Features Standard Edition Special Edition Collector's Edition
Game disc Yes Yes Yes
Access to Atomic Blimp Pre-order only Yes Yes
Steelbook with exclusive artwork No Yes Yes
Blueprint Map (Los Santos and Blaine County) No Yes Yes
Special Ability Boost No Yes Yes
Stunt Plane Trials No Yes Yes
Bonus Outfits, Tattoos, etc. No Yes Yes
Additional Weapons No Yes Yes
Security Deposit Bag No No Yes
Grand Theft Auto V key No No Yes
New Era Cap No No Yes
Custom Grand Theft Auto Online Characters No No Yes
Unique Vehicles and Garage Property No No Yes


Box Art

Promotional Images


Although the Atomic Blimp is available to Standard Edition pre-orders, it is included with the additional DLC content in the Special Edition and Collector's Edition without the need of a pre-order.

Even though if you have the standard edition, it is still possible to get the bonus vehicles that come with the Special and Collectors edition of the game in Grand Theft Auto Online. Although there are restrictions in storing these vehicles in your garages, you can only bring them out by calling your mechanic.


  1. Announcing the Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition and Collector’s Edition – Available for Pre-Order Starting Today

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