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Grand Theft Auto IV added a lot of features but still lacked the multitude of features present in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas like player customization and pilot of fixed-wing aircraft.

We expect the following features to be present in the next GTA:

  • 8-Ball Autos
  • A city based on El Centro
  • A city based on Ontario
  • A city based on Palm Springs
  • A city based on San Diego
  • A city based on Santa Ana
  • A return of CJ
  • A return of Niko Bellic
  • Airplanes
  • An optinal First Person View
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Better TV shows
  • Bicycles
  • Bribing
  • Bring back Ammunation
  • Bring back Hardware stores and use Hardware as weapons like Vice City
  • Bus traffic feature with fully operational bus & bus stops
  • Buy cars boats and helicopters
  • Buy/Sell vehicles
  • Buy the advertised albums (Still Madd, Str8 From Tha Streetz, etc.)
  • Buy the advertised movies' DVDs, after the completion of some missions
  • Cage fighting
  • Call friends to help you out with work, lower wanted level and deliver vehicles to you cars, boats, helicopters and planes
  • Camp Pendleton
  • Characters from other GTA games
  • Classic mode (top down camera, rampages, free roam, like in the original GTA)
  • Clothing (made easy)
  • Controllable planes and trains
  • Cool executions (decapitation, electric chair, lethal injection, etc.)
  • Developed AI
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Flipping people off
  • Gambling
  • Haircuts
  • Hair growth
  • Hair growth (facial)
  • Improved weapons
  • Injured people are limping
  • Interact with NPC's
  • Internet access
  • Kids and babies pedestrians
  • Large map size
  • More cars manufactured by Dewbauchee and Vapid
  • More country vehicles
  • More buildings than can be entered
  • More harbors and docks
  • More interiors
  • More motorcycles
  • More realism
  • More skyscrapers for sniping people
  • More streets, motorways, freeways, highways, signs of Interstates, U.S. Routes
  • More use for money
  • Multiple cities
  • Myths/legends like in GTA San Andreas
  • Nitro
  • Owning Businesses
  • Parachutes
  • Play sports
  • Police controls
  • Purchase housing
  • Purchasing properties
  • Railroad crossings
  • Realistic mobile phone features like recharge, battery and wear out (maybe even smartphones like Android, iPhone etc.)
  • Realistic reloading animations (Magazine insertion, etc.)
  • Robberies
  • Rock climbing
  • Side missions like vigilante, paramedic, deliveries, fire-fighting etc.
  • Speedometer
  • Store items in the trunk of a car
  • Store weapons in safehouses
  • Taking loans
  • Tattoos
  • The return of the Marquis boat
  • The return of the Tropic boat
  • The return of the Voodoo
  • Trains
  • Trip skip
  • Unique pedestrians
  • Unique police action
  • US—Mexico Border
  • Various activities (Bungee jumping, etc.)
  • Vehicle Tuning
  • Watch advertised movies in theaters (Mullholiday and Dulay, Let Me Bounce, etc.)
  • Weapon Accessories (Suppressor, Scopes, etc.)
  • Weapon Attachments (Grenade Launchers, etc.)
  • Weather cycles


Fist Slots:

Fists - Unarmed

Brass Knuckles - Increases damage

Boxing Gloves - Decreases damage but able to punch faster

Pistol Slots:

HK USP .45 - 12 round magazine with short-to-medium range

Glock 18c - 18 round magazine and fully automatic, short range

Desert Eagle - 7 round magazine, short-to-medium range and can dismember limbs

.45 Caliber Revolver - Six-shooter, increased damage, short-to-medium range

Shotgun Slots:

SPAS 12 - Semi-Automatic shotgun, 8 shells, medium range

Itacha Stakeout Shotgun - Pump-action shotgun, 7 shells, medium range, deals slightly more damage

Lupara (Sawn Off) - Short range, 2 shells, medium range, does 3x more damage than SPAS 12

Sub-machine Gun Slots:

MP5K - 25 rounds, medium range, fully automatic

MP5A4 - 35 rounds, medium range, fully automatic, higher recoil

P90 - 50 rounds, short range, fully automatic, higher recoil, twice as more damage than the MP5A4

Mini-uzi - 32 rounds, short range, fully automatic, lower recoil and damage than the MP5K

Rifle Slots:

AKS-74u - 30 rounds, high recoil, medium-to-long range, lighter than the AK-47

AK-47 - 30 rounds, higher recoil than the AKS-74u, long range, slightly heavy, 2x more damage

M4A1 Commando - 45 rounds, low recoil, long range, lower damage than the AK-47

Steyr AUG - 35 rounds, medium recoil, long range, usable scope, deals the same damage as the AKS

Sniper Slots:

Steyr Scout - 10 rounds, long range, low recoil, silenced, slightly lower damage than the AWSM

AWSM - 5 rounds, long range, high recoil, non-silenced, deals 80 damage when shot in the leg

PSG-1 - 15 rounds, long range, medium recoil, silenced, deals lower damage than the scout, fully auto

Heavy Slots:

RPG-7 - 1 rocket, long range, deals 100 damage

STINGER - 3 rockets, long range, laser-guided, can be dumb-fired

Minigun - 150 rounds, medium range, deals 50 damage, fires 5,000 rounds per minute

Grenade Launcher - 7 rounds, medium range, fired in an arch style, deals 50 damage

Thrown Slots:

M67 Grenade - Explodes in 10 seconds, can be cooked, can be planted in vehicles

Satchel Charges - Remote-controlled bomb, can be planted in vehicles, deals 200 damage

Tear Gas - Deals 9 damage per second when in the radius, also damages the player, lasts for 30 secs

Molotov Cocktail - Deals 15 damage per second, lasts for 30 seconds when unit is engulfed

Flashbang - Causes the player and peds to be temporarily disabled for 20 seconds when looked at

Melee Slots:

Baseball Bat

Golf Club








Beer Bottle

Tree Branches



Hockey Stick

In-Game Weapon Names:

HK USP .45 - .45 Pistol

Glock 18c - Automatic Pistol

Desert Eagle - Combat Pistol

.45 Caliber Revolver - Revolver

SPAS 12 - Semi-Auto Shotgun

Itacha Stakeout Shotgun - Pump-action Shotgun

Lupara (Sawn Off) - Sawn Off Shotgun

MP5K - Custom MP5

MP5A4 - Assault SMG

P90 - 5.7 SMG

Mini-uzi - 9mm Machine Pistol

AKS-74u - Custom Assault Rifle

AK-47 - Assault Rifle

M4A1 Commando - Carbine Rifle

Steyr AUG - Scoped Assault Rifle

Steyr Scout - Bolt-Action Sniper

AWSM - Magnum Sniper

PSG-1 - Automatic Sniper

RPG-7 - Rocket Launcher

STINGER - Laser-Guided Rocket Launcher

Minigun - Gatling Gun

Grenade Launcher - Grenade Launcher

M67 Grenade - Grenade

Satche Charges - Remote Controlled Grenades

Tear Gas - Smoke Grenade

Molotov Cocktail - Molotov Cocktail

Flashbang - Flashbang

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