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The Green Sabre is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It appears in The Introduction and The Green Sabre.

The green Sabre was used by the Ballas in a drive-by shooting during The Introduction, in which Ballas gang members targeting Sweet accidentally kill Beverly Johnson in the crossfire. In the mission The Green Sabre, it is seen by Carl and Cesar in a car, where Frank Tenpenny, Big Smoke, and Ryder taking it out of a garage, with Eddie Pulaski driving it.

Although the Sabre is used by the Ballas, it is colored green (the Grove Street Families' official color) likely to avoid suspicion from the Families during the drive-by.


  • The player can make a Sabre to look like the Green Sabre by driving it into a TransFender garage and color it green.

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