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Grove Street in GTA V

For the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rendition, see Grove Street (3D Universe).

Grove Street is a street in Grand Theft Auto V, located in the neighborhood of DavisSouth Los Santos. The Ballas control Grove Street, unlike in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where The Families controlled it. However, in-game dialogue suggests that Grove Street was once controlled by The Families.

Events of GTA V

Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, and his dog Chop arrive at Grove Street to conduct a drug deal with a Ballas gangster. Trevor feels the cocaine is suspicious, and gets into an argument with the dealer. They both pull on the block of cocaine, ripping it in half, and revealing that the "drugs" the man is selling are fake. The trio are then ambushed by several Ballas on Grove Street. Soon, the LSPD arrive, resulting in a three-way firefight. Eventually, Trevor, Franklin, and Lamar manage to escape through a nearby stormdrain

Mission Appearances

Places of interest



  • During the mission Hood Safari, when the player approaches Grove Street, they will be able to see three men on bicycles riding away. The three men closely resemble Carl Johnson, Big Smoke and Ryder. This could be a reference to the mission Sweet & Kendl in GTA San Andreas, in which CJ, Smoke and Ryder escape the pursuing Ballas on bikes.
  • Also during Hood Safari, one of the Ballas will shout out as a taunt, "The Families were kicked out ages ago", a reference to how the Families operated there in the past.
  • When you escape the cops with Lamar as Franklin, Lamar will mention the Grove Street Families. Franklin will ask what happened to them and Lamar replies, "Probably all died or became a CEO or some shit". This later is a reference to CJ, who had become a young millionare and business owner by the end of his story.
  • The eastern end of Grove Street is a cul-de-sac, as in GTA San Andreas. Although nothing resembling CJ Johnson's house is present, the basic layout and appearance of the homes at this end of the street is very similar to the earlier game.
    • Another similarity between GTA V's Grove Street and GTA San Andreas is both versions are only a couple blocks away from an arena, beyond a flood control.
  • Technically, Grove Street is an extension of Forum Drive, the location of Franklin's initial safehouse.
  • Along with Vinewood Boulevard, Grove Street is one of only a couple of street names retained from the original GTA San Andreas version of Los Santos.
  • A Police Maverick or a Buzzard can occasionally be seen flying around above Grove Street.


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