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Gun Runner
Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy running away from some exploding boomshine
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
For: Phil Cassidy
Location: Phil's Place, Little Haiti
Target: Pedro Garcia
Conditions of mission failure:
Pedro escapes
$2000 + $100 for every one of Garcia's men killed
Unlocks: Boomshine Saigon
Unlocked by: The Job
Tommy: "Phil?"
Tommy Vercetti meets Phil Cassidy in his depot

Gun Runner is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti from arms dealer Phil Cassidy from his depot in Little Haiti, Vice City.


After the successful bank heist, Phil phones Tommy saying he can receive some extra weaponry. He goes over to his depot to find Phil making bombs out of boomshine, one of which detonates, destroying a Walton. Phil tells Tommy about a Mexican arms dealer named Pedro Garcia who is doing his weekly run. Phil then asks Tommy to steal the weapons shipment. Tommy rams the gun runners' trucks until the weapon crates fall out, smashes the crates, collects the weapons (a .357, SPAS 12, M-60, and a MAC-10) and finally kill all the gun runners in the trucks while being pursued by many Faggio-riding backup, completing the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go and knock the arms off the back of the dealers' trucks
  • Collect all 4 of the dealers' loads
  • Now go and finish off the remaining arms dealers

Tips and Tricks

  • Although Phil asks Tommy to kill the dealers, this is not necessary to complete the mission; the player only needs to pick up the guns and destroy the Waltons to successfully complete the mission.
  • Unless your car has caught fire, it is best not to exit your vehicle, as the gun runners are quite aggressive with their Waltons - if one hits you, it will quickly drain your health.
  • An easy way to avoid the Faggio riders is to destroy the four Waltons by first and pick up the guns by last, once the riders just appear after you pick up a second gun.


  • The Waltons used by the gun runners in this mission have a unique white paintjob.
  • The Walton in the cutscene features an unobtainable light blue paintjob and different rims.
  • The player will get a $100 bonus for every Faggio rider that is killed.
  • If the player kills a gunner in a police officer's line of sight, he will not gain wanted level. This applies only during this mission.

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