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Appearance(s): V
Full name: Hao
Gender: Male
Main affiliation: Los Santos Customs
The Families
Voiced by: Rob Yang

Hao is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a stranger/freak in Grand Theft Auto V and as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Hao is a Chinese resident of Los Santos, who is involved with races throughtout the city. He is familiar with both Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, and appears to be associated with The Families.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, Hao makes a brief appearance delivering a vehicle for the player to race against Lamar.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Hao challenges Franklin to a street race against him and his friends. Following the race, the player can join four more street races around the city. He also has a brief appearence during the mission Father/Son, when Franklin takes Amanda De Santa's car to Los Santos Customs. Here Hao fixes up Amanda's car and, if his side mission was completed prior, he says he'll defeat Franklin at the next street race.

Mission appearances

GTA Online


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