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The Harmony Truck Stop is the largest truck stop on Joshua Road in Harmony, Blaine County. It is clearly based off of the Mojave truck stop in Mojave, California

Tractor Cabs 

Trucks that appear in this truck stop are the following 

When arriving at the truck stop, a trucker will always be driving out carrying a trailer or pulling out of the truck stop or pulling in. The truck stop has one trailer that the player can take using a tractor. Other shipping crates not yet on a flatbed lie around the truck stops loading bay. There is the main office located to the north as well as a storage warehouse were supplies for mechanic work and some crates might be held. A gas tank is also present. 

The truck stops location is off Joshua Road which is to the southeast and is one of two entrances. To the south is the main entrance off on Route 68. Out of all the truck stops in the state it is the busiest. 

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