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Hashbury Safehouse
The Hashbury Safehouse
A-DustAdded by A-Dust
An interior view
SpaceeinsteinAdded by Spaceeinstein
Name: Hashbury Safehouse
Price: $40,000
City: San Fierro
Location: The southeastern corner of Hashbury, San Fierro; at the back of a large alleyway, between two flights of stairs.
Garages: 1 (4 cars)
Helipad: No
Stories: 1
Interior Appointments: The safehouse is located a few stories up from the ground floor, as viewed from the exterior. After going up a small set of stairs, the player is in the living room of the house, complete with two big sofas, a coffee table and a television. Connected to the living room is the kitchen, where the player can access the save point, and a hallway which contains a bathroom, several bedrooms and the wardrobe. It has a unique interior.
Previous Possessor: Unknown
Info: Has 2 leathered sofas and a big TV (unusable). The safe house appears to be influenced by Hippie style wall coverings.


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