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Illustrated example of a HUD as seen in GTA San Andreas.

A heads-up display, often abbreviated as HUD, is a set of indicators used in most games to show the player's current status in a game, such as the score, health and the life. And can be disabled at the Display Settings by Turning the Hud Mode Option off


A HUD can be used to convey many different types of information, such as time, score, money, health, armor, weaponry, ammunition, warnings (e.g. "wrong way" in a race) maps with blips and subtitles of conversations.

The HUD GTA games may display the following information:

Other elements appear on the HUD in other situations, such as a dialogue subtitles, help messages, and a "Busted" or "Wasted" sign if the player gets arrested or killed respectively.

Floating pickups, such as a police bribe are not considered to be a part of the HUD even though only the player can see them. This is also true for floating markers which indicate where to park or walk into.


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