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It's possible to include items from certain special pages on wiki page, similar to including templates

Step by step

  • Navigate the page you want to add some special page content to, and open it for editing.
  • If you're viewing in Visual mode, select the Source mode tab at the top of the editor.
  • Enter your intended special pages code, based on the reference materials below. For example, if you wanted to show the three most recent changes, you could enter this:
  • Hit Publish. In our example above, you'll see something similar to this appear on your page:

October 31, 2014

 N    20:03  Le chat noir on Oscuritaforze's wall‎ (diff | hist) . . (+23)‎ . . Oscuritaforze (wall | contribs)
 Nm   20:02 User:CamiloQ‎ (diff | hist) . . (+120)‎ . . CamiloQ (wall | contribs) (Created page with "Bienvenidos, aqui en esta pagina les voy a contar un poco sobre las Tecnologias de la Información y Comunicacion (TICS)")
 N    19:56 Article comment (Sannse/These Are a Few of My Favorite Wikias) (diff | hist) . . (+77)‎ . . Dragonknight86 (wall | contribs) (Created page with "Oh c'mon Sannse, the Despicable Me Wiki is your favorite. Just admit it... :P")

What's available for inclusion?

Here's a summary of possibilities, with examples:

New Pages
{{Special:NewPages/5}} Five newest pages
{{Special:NewPages/namespace=Forum,5}} Five newest pages in the Forum namespace
{{Special:NewPages/limit=7,offset=10,shownav}} Seven newest pages not including the last 10 pages, plus some navigation
Wanted Pages
{{Special:WantedPages/5}} Five most wanted pages
Recent Changes
{{Special:RecentChanges/5}} Five latest edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideminor,3}} Three latest edits, not including minor edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideliu,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from logged in users
{{Special:RecentChanges/hideanons,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from anonymous users
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidebots=1,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from bots
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidemyself,3}} Three latest edits, not including those from the user viewing the page
{{Special:RecentChanges/hidepatrolled,3}} Three latest unpatrolled edits
{{Special:RecentChanges/days=2}} Edits from the last two days
{{Special:PrefixIndex/E}} All pages starting with the letter E
All Pages
{{Special:AllPages/Wikia}} All pages, listed alphabetically, starting from the "Wikia" article

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