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A wikia's "URL" is the part of the web address before — that is, the URL in It is defined when the wikia is first created and may be changed later by request through Special:Contact.

The URL is separate from the wikia's Sitename, and thus can be different.

Choosing a Good URL

When you create a new wikia, you'll need to choose its URL. Follow these guidelines:

  • The URL can contain lowercase letters (no CamelCase), numbers, "." and "-".
  • The URL cannot be the same as a language code. For example, "en" is reserved to mean an English language wikia, and cannot be used for your wikia.
  • Generic words help people guess the location of your wikia. For example, people might guess the URL of if they were looking for a wikia about music.
  • Real words are preferable to made up terms, such as notespedia or mytunewiki. If the URL matches the keywords people are likely to use in searching, it helps your wikia rank higher in search engines.

Linking your wikia from other wikias

You can use the URL as a shortcut to create links from other Wikias. To do this, create a wiki-link with the prefix w:c:URL.

For example, the code: [[w:c:music|Music Wikia]] would provide this link: Music Wikia.

You can also link to a specific article using this shortcut. eg. [[w:c:music:Barenaked Ladies|Barenaked Ladies on Music Wikia]] will give the link: Barenaked Ladies on Music Wikia

Changing your Wikia's URL

  • A wikia's URL can be changed but it must be changed by Wikia Staff. If you are a wikia admin, you can use Special:Contact to request a URL change.
  • If your request is granted, the new URL will become the default URL for your site. The old URL may be kept as a redirect to the new URL or it may be freed up for others to use.
  • If the new URL is already in use, you can merge the two wikias into one at the desired URL.

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