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Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs
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"Everyone welcome"
―Entrance sign

The Hill Valley Church is a church ministry featured in Grand Theft Auto V. There are two churches serving under the Hill Valley Church name; one in Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos and another in Great Chaparral. The church network is based on the Piru United Methodist Church.

The adjacent cemetery for the Pacific Bluffs church is set across a hill and has a lake at its centre with a small bridge that connects it to a small island. The church's entrance is a common spawn point of the Romero.

The cemetary for the Great Chaparral church is much smaller. This church is also the site of a random event in which the player can choose to help a woman who has decided not to go through with her wedding.


The name could be a reference to the fictional town Hill Valley, from the Back to the Future movies.


  • Letter Scrap - on the small island in the cemetery of the Pacific Bluffs congregation.


  • In some tombs of the cemetery it reads "Rest In Pieces" instead of "Rest In Peace", or "Quiet, Isn't It?".
  • It is never revealed which denomination the Hill Valley Churches belong to but their "Everyone Welcome" slogan suggests that they are non-denominational.
  • There is a Pistol in one of the empty dug up plots at the Pacific Bluffs church.


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