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Hitmen in GTA VCS.

Hitmen are hired guns that appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Hitmen make their first appearance in GTA San Andreas. They appear and start to attack the player if he lost his money in gambling. Hitmen also make a small appearance in the mission Freefall, where the player has to kill them inside the Shamal.

In GTA LCS they appear in the mission No Son of Mine, where they are hired by Toni's mother to kill her son, Toni Cipriani. However, Toni fends them off. From that point on they continue to attack Toni at random moments up until the mission Making Toni. They are depicted wearing dark suits, with gloves, and having a five o' clock shadow. They also appear to be Asian.

In GTA VCS they first appear in the mission Soldier where they murder Jerry's drug contact, and attempt to take out Vic as well. Later in the storyline they are hired by Giorgio Forelli, to attack Barry Mickelthwaite and Phil Collins. They have the same appearance as they did in LCS. First appearing in Kill Phil, Kill Phil: Part 2, and In the Air Tonight. After In the Air Tonight, Barry decides to pay off his debt, not to take the risk of Phil being killed.

Vehicles in GTA LCS are Mules, Esperantos, Perennials, Landstalkers and Sentinels (only in No Son of Mine). And in GTA VCS they are seen only with the Violator.

Weapons include MAC-10s, TEC-9s, AK-47s, Pistols, and M4s.


  • Every protagonist (besides Victor Vance) is at one point in their lives, a hitman. Niko Bellic is the most hired hitman of all protagonists.
  • One of the hitmen makes a small appearance in Dead Meat, as he walks out of Momma's Restaurante, and walks by Toni, indicating Toni's mother has already called the hit on Toni.

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