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Homebrew Café
Name: Homebrew Café
Type: Jamaican Restaurant
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Locations: Tutelo Avenue, Beechwood City
"Assume the goat is goat and don't ask where the beer comes from at this Jamaican bar where they take the smoking ban about as seriously as they take the local police."
―GTA IV Manual Description

The Homebrew Café is a Jamaican restaurant and café in Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.



The Homebrew Café.

Located at the southern end of Tutelo Avenue in Beechwood City, off the Broker-Dukes Expressway, it is the local front for the Yardies. The restaurant clearly has a lot of Jamaican influences, such as the radio stations Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 and RamJam FM being played in his interior of the front of the restaurant being painted to resemble a Jamaican flag. Little Jacob is a usual customer of the café, sometimes when the player calls Little Jacob to hang out, he will be waiting for Niko in front of the café. Its area can be very crowded with Jamaicans at night. There is a Micro Uzi behind the café.

In GTA IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the player can play pool there, either with a friend, a date, or, if he is alone, with a random bar patron. A QUB3D video arcade game is also located here. Despite being a "cafe", the establishment, much like with other non-fast-food restaurants, does not offer food or drinks to replenish health.

Like most landmarks in Broker, the Homebrew Café is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at roughly the same spot, but exists as a non-interactive part of Beechwood City's street scenery.



  • On the wall of the café, an artwork featuring beta Northwood is shown.
  • In GTA Chinatown Wars, the pedestrians can be seen getting out and in the café, but however, it stills inaccessible to the player.
  • Homebrew is used in gaming to denote the hacking of consoles done for the purpose of playing games on them that normally could not be played on them (e.g. playing Pokemon on a Playstation Vita, or playing PlayStation 1 games on a Nintendo 3DS).
    • Homebrew is also a sexual term to denote amateur pornography.
  • On the map, it is named 8-Ball due to the fact you can play pool there.


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