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Horace Walsh, known as the Pacifist, is the DJ of the K-JAH radio station in Grand Theft Auto III. Walsh took over as host of K-JAH sometime between 1998 and 2001, replacing his cousin Natalie Walsh Davis.In Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories his cousin Natalie often criticizes him for being something he isn't and get's angry at him for trying to take her job and normally sends out messages to him to stop trying to take her job and stop smoking herb.

Walsh attempts to pacify the residents of Liberty City; encouraging them to not/stop take/taking SPANK, put down their weapons and that 'knowledge is king'. Walsh also dislikes Donald Love and his media company Love Media.

Walsh was voiced by Herman Stephens.

The musician he refers to in Grand Theft Auto III is "Mr. Scientist" and explains that everyone needs a "Mr. Scientist".

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