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Hot Rod Blazer
A Hot Rod Blazer in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Off-road quadbike
Body style Recreational, modified off-road custom Quad
Capacity 1 (rider)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Nagasaki
Price $69,000 (Online)
Variant(s) Blazer
"Previously, only completists have been able to enjoy this hot-rod styled special edition ATV. The flaming paint job, hood blower and V8 side pipes make this baby sound as good as it looks. Still liable to roll and kill you on the highway though." description.

The Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer is a vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Hot Rod Blazer is a special variant of the Blazer which has been customized to have a similar appearance to a typical hot-rod, but it has been scaled down to the ATV's small proportions. The Hot Rod Blazer features a black paintjob with flame decals, a hood scoop, miniature side exhausts, and several other aesthetic modifications.


The Hot Rod Blazer has a good top speed and excellent acceleration, and its impressive torque allows it to climb steep inclines with ease. Its short wheelbase allows it to make tight turns, however its sensitive steering could make it lose control at high speeds. Its shock absorbers allow far travel, which makes this vehicle great for traversing across rough, uneven terrain. Performance-wise, the Hot Rod Blazer surpasses the normal Blazer in terms of acceleration, but it is slightly less stable to ride.




GTA Online


  • Even having another engine sound, abandoning it while moving briefly sounds like a standard Blazer, also, when it's ridden by another player or an NPC, it will sound like a normal Blazer.
  • Its paint job could be a reference or based on the Cuban Hermes or the Diablo Stallion.
  • The price of the Hot Rod Blazer is $69,000. This is a reference to 69 sex position.
  • Despite it spawning near Trevor's home at the end of the storyline, it does not count as a personal vehicle, and driving away and going back to Trevor's trailer will make another spawn.
  • Prior to The Last Team Standing Update, it was just named "Blazer," however, it was renamed to Hot Rod Blazer to avoid confusion to players who owns both the normal Blazer and the Hot Rod Blazer.
  • The description at refers to the Hot Rod Blazer as only being available to completists. This references the fact that the Hot Rod Blazer was originally only available to people who completed the single player campaign.
  • Prior to the I'm Not a Hipster Update, the Hot Rod Blazer could not be modified, however, as a part of this update, it can be bought and modified.


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