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Hugh Harrison is an American Music Expert. He claims to be British, however, Lazlow reveals he's American.

He is one of the members of the jury in the TV show "Fame or Shame" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Hugh is supposedly a snide British man and (self-appointed) musical expert, who judges most of the acts with derisive severity, often belittling them in graphic and mean-spirited fashion. Over the course of the show, it's heavily implied that he is not actually British, but rather an American who only pretends to be British so he can pretend to be cultured and exotic. He viciously despises the show's host, Lazlow, constantly insulting him, mostly by questioning his sexuality, and at one point even attempting to murder him on the air by beating him with his microphone.

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  • He is based on British TV host and judge of Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent and American Idol, Simon Cowell.
  • It's revealed that Hugh fakes his nationality, during one of the Fame or Shame episodes where he and the other judges vote for masturbating monkeys, Lazlow gets annoyed and mocks Hugh for faking his nationality to which Hugh angrily replies he is British in an American accent.
    • This could be further proven since his voice actor is an American faking a British accent.
  • In an internet article from Stars Talk after the Vangelico heist, they mock the fights between Hugh and Lazlow in the show, saying that it could be a sign of a romance between them.


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