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Advertisement in GTA IV.

I'm Rich is a reality television shown on CNT in Grand Theft Auto IV that parodies the lives of the super-rich, similar to that of the real-life reality shows MTV Cribs and The Fabulous Life of....

Focusing on the socialites and "cokehead debutantes" of Liberty City, they often talk about some of the outrageous spending of these people; for example, Tony McTony's collection of 15 Infernus sports cars all with the Tony McTony logo and Cloe Parker's real estate (includes a mega-mansion in Westdyke , Alderney that her father bought for her on the day of her first period) and her ruby-filled breast implants. I'm Rich also features Jill Von Crastenburg, Samantha Muldoon, Lyle Cleethorpes and Alfonso Vasquez including his ex-wife and his daughter January Natasha Vasquez.


The I'm Rich scratch card seen in GTA Chinatown Wars.

In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the player can purchase an I'm Rich scratch card, which cost $15. If the player gets the "three house" combo, the prize is a suite at The Star Plaza Hotel .

A lot of beta is seen in the show, suggesting it was made early on in the game. A few of the cars shown in the show have a bit of difference from the final game's vehicle's. Meaning that these design's could be from the beta version. (For example: in the show there is a red Banshee with two black stripes in the middle instead of one. And there is a Turismo that has different rims.)


During the show, locations of Liberty City and San Andreas are often shown, including:

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