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Internal Affairs Agency
Downton ls
Common name: Internal Affairs Agency
Abbreviation: IAA
Appearance(s): GTA V

Internal Affairs Agency ​(IAA) is an intelligence agency in Grand Theft Auto V. It is based on the CIA.


Breaking into IAA facility

The agency's headquarters are in Los Santos, San Andreas. It's based on the Two California Plaza. IAA stands for Internal Affairs Agency.

Introduced in GTA IV: LCPD-GTA4-logo LCPDState police logo ASPLiberty-City-Port-Authority-Logo-1 LCPANOOSE-GTA4-logo NOOSEFIB logo FIB
Introduced in GTA: CW: IAD
Introduced in GTA V: Lossantos seal LSPDLSCS logo LSSDIAA logo IAASAHP SAHPPark Ranger Flicken SAPRNorthYanktonStatePatrol-Logo-GTAV NYSP
Mentioned only: BONCIAGlobalpolDOA logo GTA IV DOA

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