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The iFruit App is a promotional application for Grand Theft Auto V that can be installed on different cell phones. The app includes Los Santos Customs, a mini-game called Chop The Dog, Settings, the digital manual for GTA VLifeinvader, Social Club, GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and the Rockstar Store. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8/8.1/RT, and PlayStation Vita.

LS Customs


With LS Customs, you can modify the protagonists' vehicles such as adding boosters, changing the color of the car, adding different colors of tire smoke, and more. This allows the player to no longer have to start the game when they need to customize their vehicle, When the user orders the customs made to the car, the orders get processed in the game and when the player plays the game, the vehicle will be customized the way the player wanted it to be. Money gets taken from the protagonist to pay for the customs made to the vehicle. The player can also add a custom license plate, but can only add one custom license plate, as it will apply for all vehicles added in-game, which creates drawbacks from its feature.

Chop the Dog


Chop the Dog is another feature in the app. This feature requires taking care of Chop. The user must feed him food and drinks and take him for walks. Players should be careful while feeding the dog as he'll throw up and get mad and his happiness will decrease.

Walking Chop includes playing games in different levels including The Park, The Street and The Beach.

  • In The Park, Chop's seen with his bitch at the park and other dogs roam towards her so Chop must keep them away from her or she'll go off with them. He must scare them away within the time limit and win the lady's love. Getting insufficient love or losing the bitch fails the game and winning the lady's love allows Chop to have sex with the dog and his happiness increases.
  • In The Street, Chop must keep the Ballas away from Franklin's Buffalo S on a street in LS. If the Ballas damage Franklin's Buffalo, it'll explode and the user fails the game and keeping the Ballas away from the Buffalo long enough increases his happiness.
  • In The Beach, Chop must rip the bikinis off the women that pass by on the beach and avoid getting shoo'd by annoying juicers. These guys can punch or kick Chop and the game fails. Ripping the bikinis off women cause them to run away and gives points to Chop.

Failing games results in Chop's Happiness decreasing. Chop can also defecate and the user must use the glove pick-up icon to pick it up and put in in the trash can. The credits for taking care of him are important for food and water. Credits are received throughout the day (real life) as well as in the games. The credits can also be used to teach Chop new tricks and get new collars for him.

Keeping Chop happy allows him to behave well and perform tricks but if his happiness is low, he'll be upset and won't perform any tricks. Throughout the day (real life), the user will get notifications from iFruit for Chop The Dog which requires them to feed him or give him a drink or walk him because he can get hungry or thirsty or lazy. Killing Chop in GTA V results in Chop's Happiness draining completely and you'll need to restore it.


Lifeinvader gives the user a Lifeinvader account based on their Rockstar social account and the user can stalk companies in GTA V for good deals in the game such as a free haircut or tattoo.


  • The iFruit App received mixed to negative reviews, most notably from its limited options for Los Santos Customs and problematic loading times for both the iOS and Android. Many fans have also expressed much detest for the iFruit App as it strips away some features that could have been placed within the game itself, such as the inability to train Chop without installing the App on a Smartphone.
  • Of the platforms the app was released on, Windows 8/8.1/RT was the only platform that was not initially announced for a release.
  • The app that is used to train Chop is called "Chop the Dog", and if "Chop" is used as a verb, it would mean "kill the dog".

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