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Ink Inc

Ink Inc. Logo.

"Think of your body as a black canvas for terrible artwork you can never get rid of. We have a wide range of winged serpents, skulls, dragons and other spiritually meaningful symbols to express who you really are. Stop by Ink Inc today and literally paint over your insecurities"
―GTA V digital manual

Ink Inc. is a Tattoo Parlor featured in GTA V.


It is possibly based on High Voltage Tattoo, a Tattoo Parlour featured in the TV series LA Ink, due to the similarities in the script used for the parlour's logo and the LA Ink logo, and the fact that both the show and the in-game shop have the words Ink/Inc. in common.


  • It was first announced on August 23, 2013 on the Local Artisans section of the Grand Theft Auto V Website. Not much is known yet but it is believed that it is rivals with Blazing Tattoo.

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