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Interstate san andreas 5
Interstate Highway Shield
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The Interstate System is a network of highways in the state of San Andreas that circulates the Los Santos area before ending or merging into other roads. There are four Interstate highways being Los Santos FreewayDel Perro FreewayOlympic Freeway and La Puerta Freeway

The highway names begin with an "I" prefix and then a number directly after a dash (i.e. I-4). The system exists of four originally five highways, but however I-3 seems to be absent in the game. Along with the Numbered Highways in San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V has the most extensive freeway system in a Grand Theft Auto game.


Map of the Interstate system
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  • The Interstate is based on the real-life U.S nation-wide highway system of the same name.
  • Grand Theft Auto V is the first Grand Theft Auto game to include realistic Interstates.
  • The Interstate is the second largest highway network after the Numbered Highways in San Andreas.
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