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Ivan The Not So Terrible
Niko making his choice.
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Vladimir Glebov
Location: Comrades Bar, Hove Beach, Broker
Target: Ivan Bytchkov
Mission Objectives:
• ­Go to Roman's garage

• ­Chase Ivan
• ­Chase Ivan into the construction site
• ­Choose Ivan's fate

Conditions of mission failure:
• ­Wasted

• ­Busted
• ­Ivan gets away

Unlocks: Uncle Vlad
Unlocked by: Clean Getaway
"Vlad's nothing in this town, don't do this for him!"
Ivan Bytchkov

Ivan the Not So Terrible is the final mission given by Vladimir Glebov to Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. This is the first, and one of the seven missions in the game to offer a morality choice; where the player chooses whether to take one action or another (in this case it is sparing or killing Ivan), and is the first to use ladders and jumping. The mission starts with Vlad telling Niko Bellic that Ivan Bytchkov has upset Mikhail Faustin, his boss, and wants you to kill him. Vlad explains to Niko that he persuaded Ivan to rob Roman Bellic's cab depot and wants you to kill him in an act of "self-defense".

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Roman's garage.
  • Ivan is already making an escape. Chase him.
  • Ivan is escaping into the construction site. Chase him.
  • Choose Ivan's fate.


Grab Vlad's Blista Compact and drive to Roman's Cab Depot. Don't stop once you get there - it seems Ivan's already robbed Roman. He is escaping from the cab depot. If you arrive from Cisco Street, the route he'll take will be a lot shorter.

Chase Ivan to a construction site nearby. He will crash near a ladder and run up it. Get out of your car and run up the same ladder with the in-game instructions. Once you get to the top, Ivan continues up another ladder. Follow him. He continues to run away. Follow him until a cut-scene appears. In the cut-scene, Ivan will jump over to a nearby building. Get onto the crane and do the same.

He will jump a few more buildings - follow him. Soon he will get to the end of the building chain. As Niko shouts out to Ivan he has nowhere left to run. Ivan then runs across a catwalk leading to a broken fire escape- unbeknownst to him. He accidentally steps over the edge and falls but clings on. As Niko reaches Ivan, the player now has the choice of sparing him, by helping him up and letting him escape or killing him, by shooting him, or watching a cutscene in which Niko stamps on Ivan's fingers, sending him crashing to the side walk/road.

If you let him live, he'll come back as a random character. If you kill him, you have closely followed Vlad's instructions. Either way after that Niko refuses to do any more work for Vlad.


Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 11 - Ivan the Not So Terrible (1080p)07:07

GTA 4 - Mission 11 - Ivan the Not So Terrible (1080p)


  • The mission's title is an obvious reference to Ivan the Terrible, a former ruler (Tsar) of Russia.
  • This mission is the first in GTA IV to allow the player to make choices.
  • There is a glitch with Ivan's car if the player destroys the vehicle killing Ivan, the mission will still be to 'chase' Ivan. The only way to get out of this is by failing the mission either by leaving the area or death.
  • This mission (along with Uncle Vlad) are the only times the player can freely enter Comrades Bar.
  • In the opening cutscene, Vlad is seen talking to someone and saying "gorgeous." He was most likely talking to Mallorie because at the end of the cutscene he says "Let's talk about tonight" meaning that he most likely had that affair with her and this mission most possibly leads up to the next mission Uncle Vlad where Niko kills Vlad.
  • The whole traffic during the chase is scripted (as numerous other missions in the game). So the vehicles seen in the traffic are not random: a speeding Futo, a Chavos and a Marbelle in Mohawk Avenue, a Marbelle (and a parked Perennial) in Onion Street, a Stratum in Asparagus Avenue, a Perennial and a Voodoo driving (and one Perennial and three Marbelles parked) in Munsee Avenue, a Marbelle and a Mule in Montauk Avenue, a Chavos (and two Perennials and a Futo parked) in Hickock Street, a Marbelle and a Perennial (and another parked Perennial) in northern Onondaga Avenue, a parked Stratum in Ringo Street, and a driving Bobcat, a parked Perennial, and a stopped Benson and Flatbed in southern Onondaga Avenue. There's also a stopped Biff in Kid Street.
  • If you arrive before him at the construction site (coming over Masterson Street) and you park your car blocking his way to the construction site, Ivan will walk down and go into the next entrance. It is possible for Niko to go ahead of him (funnily, calling him "You're a fast one, aren't you?"). If you reach the crane, however, the cutscene of Ivan jumping out the crane will play and he'll be teleported in the other building already.
  • It is possible to obtain Ivan's uniquely colored Ruiner (black with yellow trim) by entering it as Ivan begins climbing up the construction site. Simply drive it down the block to the south and park it or you could kill Ivan before he jumps from the crane causing the car to not de-spawn. Ivan will not continue climbing until Niko has begun climbing and you will not fail the mission for moving away from him. After pursuing Ivan and making your choice on his fate, you may descend the stairs to the west of the building and down the ladder to find Ivan's Ruiner where you moved it and you may take it to your parking space if you like.
  • During the end credits for The Lost and Damned, one of the scenes shown is the rooftop chase in this mission. However, the scene is cut away before Niko kills or saves Ivan. Also during the scene, the mission Bleed Out is somehow happening at the same time (Roman's Taxi and Dardan Petrela's car parked on the sidewalk, Bledar Morina and Kalem beating up Roman in the basketball courts under the El Train) despite already being completed.
  • It is possible to kill Ivan before he reaches the ledge, if you shoot him enough while he is running away (he has an incredible amount of HP, able to sustain several head shots with the Sniper Rifle or 3 explosions with a Grenade or Rocket Launcher), he will become wounded. The player can then finish him off.
    • Curiously enough, if you wound him before he reaches the ledge, he'd walk in an injured animation and sometimes he'll fall from the building, however, he'll re-spawn immediately over the roof. This also happens if you push him off the building. Source video here
  • At the beginning of the mission, Jimmy's car that you stole in the previous mission is parked in front of Comrades Bar, probably prompting the player to use it. Using it would be clever, as it has very good handling.
  • This mission is similar to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission The Chase.
  • Ivan will dangle there indefinitely; for example you have time to drive the Ruiner to your safehouse and come back. If you take a taxi, the taxi's destination indicator will flash alternately between "Friend" and another location.


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