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日本国 (Japanese)
Official language(s) Japanese
Currency Yen (JPY)

Japan is a country in Eastern Asia. The country uses the CERO rating system to rate all Grand Theft Auto releases, with so far all of the series being rated Z (18+). Japan received Grand Theft Auto releases at a much later time, as it has taken a long time for Rockstar Games to localize them, which is done by Rockstar Japan. The GTA games are published in Japan mainly by Capcom which had released the following games:

CyberFront has released recent GTA games:

  • Grand Theft Auto IV (March 20, 2009)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (September 24, 2009)

Game World

2D Universe

  • The Yakuza, a real-life criminal organization based in Japan, is featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.
  • Also in GTA 2, the host of Funami FM is a Japanese woman named Teriyaki-chan.
  • The place Funabashi in GTA 2 is in Chiba prefecture.

3D Universe

  • The Yakuza also appears in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories. Its members are all of Japanese origin.
  • The country capital, Tokyo, is mentioned in the Liberty Tree article Yakuza Operating With Impunity.
  • The Kuruma is a Japanese car, since it has some visual cues from Japanese sedans and 'kuruma' (くるま or 車) means 'car' in Japanese (Although it might also be a joke on how Kuruma is Arabic for Pussy).
  • There are also many Japanese manufacturers in the 3D Universe, such as Kakagawa appliances and the Maibatsu vehicles (Based in Mitsubishi).

HD Universe

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