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Jazz Nation Radio 108.5
Location: Liberty City
Genre: Classic Jazz, Soft Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Host: Roy Haynes
"Jazz from a time long before it became elevator music."
— GTA IV Website

Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 is a Classic Jazz radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and is hosted by Jazz musician Roy Haynes. In Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, JNR, Fusion FM and The Journey are replaced with a new station, Self-Actualization FM



  • If you turn to this station with Jimmy Pegorino or Phil Bell present in the car, they will comment positively, meaning it's their favorite (or Fusion FM).
  • The "American.gxt" data file in The Lost and Damned lists a jazz standard, Billie Holiday - "Fine and Mellow" (1939), hinting that JNR was planned, but dropped, as one of the radio stations to be updated by downloadable content.
  • An advertisement for JNR says that it's at the "end of the dial", however it's not true since there's a station (K109) that has higher frequency than it.
  • The station plays at TW@ internet cafe in North Holland, Algonquin.
  • JNR can be heard in Drusilla's in the cutscenes for Ray Boccino. In the missions in TLAD for Ray, the station in the background is changed to Self-Actualization FM. The same goes for the internet cafes.
  • JNR is also heard in Jimmy Pegorino's home, which is his and Phil's favourite radio station. 


GTA IV Soundtrack Jazz Nation Radio 10833:09

GTA IV Soundtrack Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 (DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION)

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