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Jeremy Robard can be heard on the radio of both Vice City and Vice City Stories. In 1984 Robard is advertising a drug-running scam and by 1986 he has a line of seedy self-help tapes to promote. In an altercation with Maurice Chavez it emerges that Jeremy's success has been totally exaggerated and he is really nothing more than a pompous fraud who lives in a very small apartment overlooking the gas works. After more insults are traded Robard has his nose broken with a paperweight and has not heard from again. When he is talking to Maurice at one point he says "When I go outside, I can choose which car to drive...". However, during an earlier part of the show (when he is complimenting Maurice) he says to him "Every cab I go in the guys love you!" indicating that he possibly takes a cab as he cannot afford a car. He is voiced by Peter Silvestro in both appearances.


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