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James "Jimmy" Pegorino's House is a house located in Westdyke, Alderney, on Beaverhead Avenue. It's the home of Pegorino Family Don Jimmy Pegorino.

Two Cognoscentis are located here: one in the garage, which opens when you walk near, and one in the driveway. Both vary in color.

In Pegorino's Pride, one Cognoscenti is on the driveway and two "modified" Schafters are parked in the mansion's garage.

Mission Appearances

The house is the location of Jimmy Pegorino missions and start location of Deal Breaker.

GTA IV Multiplayer


  • If the player drives another Cognoscenti into the garage, the garage door will close even if the player is still inside. If the player drives any other vehicle into the garage, the door will not close.
  • The internal file name for this mansion is "sopranos".


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