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Pizza Boy
The player completing the mission.
Location: Vice Point (VC)
Little Haiti (VC)
Downtown (VC)
Bedford Point (LCS)
Target: Customers
Conditions of mission failure:
Pizza Boy destroyed
Customer dies
Time runs out
$5000 (VC)
Maximum health increases by 50%(VC) / 25%(LCS)
Asset generates up to $2500 daily(LCS)

The Pizza Boy mission is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is referred to as Well Snacked Pizza in the latter.


The objective of the mission is to simply deliver pizzas stocked in a Pizza Boy delivery scooter to waiting customers on the streets throughout a region surrounding a pizza parlor within a time limit. The player has to perform a drive-by to deliver the pizzas; for convenience's sake, the mission disables any drive-by weapons if the player has any. Once the player completes a set of delivery orders, the player is required to return to the pizza parlor, elevating the player to the next level.

The mission begins at Level 1, when the player is only required to deliver a pizza to one customer; the mission adds an additional customer for each new level, while the time limit remains the same. In addition, the Pizza Boy can only hold six pizzas, which emphasizes the need for the player to return to the pizza parlor to restock when they run out of pizzas. Pizzas can also be wasted if thrown too far from a customer but could be pushed towards the customer at the expense of time. There are 10 Pizza Boy levels, amounting to a total of 55 successful deliveries in order for the player reach the ultimate goal of completing all 10 levels.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In GTA VC, the mission can be started by hopping on any Pizza Boy parked at a Well Stacked Pizza. The reward for completing it is a health boost to 150 and $5000. The mission cannot be redone once it is completed. Apparently, the mission was intended to spawn a Pizza Boy at the Vercetti Estate after completion, but errors in coding prevented that.

Rewards - Complete level 10

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

In GTA LCS, this mission is started when the player hops on the Pizza Boy parked by Joe's Pizza restaurant in Bedford Point. The mission works similarly to the GTA VC version, and has the player delivering pizzas to pedestrians on the sidewalks. When completed, the player's health boosts up to 25% and Joe's Pizza restaurant will pay protection money up to $2500 as an asset.

Rewards - Complete level 10

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