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{{infobox character
{{infobox character
|image = UnseenCharacter.jpg
|name = Joseph "Joe" Corrola
|name = Joseph "Joe" Corrola
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] (unseen)
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] (unseen)

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Joseph "Joe" Corrola
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV (unseen)
Full name: Joseph "Joe" Corrola
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1975
Place of birth: Algonquin, Liberty City
Date of death: 2008 (Age 33)
Home: Liberty City
Nationality: Italian-American
Main affiliation: Pavano Family
North Holland Hustlers
Vehicle(s): Coquette

Joseph "Joe" Corrola is a 33 year-old (born 1975) member of the Pavano Crime Syndicate and believed to be in charge of the family's heroin distrubition racket. He is the ex-lover of Maria Valvona, who was the don, head of the family. Corrola has known ties to African-American drugs dealers in North Holland as well as the Humbolt River Dock Workers Local Union; which is believed to be used to bring heroin into Liberty City.

According to the LCPD database he has four prior convictions: In 1993 he was charged with Grand Theft Auto; in 1995 he was charged with Assault; in 1998 with Racketeering and Tax Evasion in 2005.

LCPD Database information

Surname: Corrola

First Name: Joe

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Algonquin, Liberty City

Affiliations: Pavano Crime Syndicate

Criminal Record:

  • 1993 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1995 - Assault
  • 1998 - Racketeering
  • 2005 - Tax Evasion


  • Ex-lover of Pavano Crime Syndicate head Mary Valvona.
  • Believed to be in charge of the Pavano Crime family's heroin distribution network.
  • Often seen with African American drug dealers in North Holland.
  • Ties to the Humboldt River Dock Workers Local Union
  • Believed to use these connections to bring heroin into Liberty City.

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