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Joe Lawton is the President of the United States in the Grand Theft Auto IV Era. He appears to be based on former President George W. Bush. President Lawton supports limiting freedoms; for instance, he supports extending the Jingoism Act in order to protect freedom. The world sees him as foolish, according to Milica Bellic's e-mail to her son Niko. Based on Thomas Stubbs' Twitter, his birthday is on or around February 16th. As a very clever social commentary, he seems to get little, if ever, media attention in comparison to celebrities like Cloe Parker and Jill Von Crastenburg.


  • According to John Smith on WKTT, Lawton's father was the president before Joe, much like George W. Bush after his father George H.W. Bush.
  • After finishing his time as President, Lawton's father became a senator.
  • According to WKTT's Conspire show, Lawton went to University of San Fierro and was in the same fraternity as a major credit card company CEO. However, Conspire's authenticity is highly questionable, and they also claim that Lawton resurrected his own father from the dead.

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