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Johnny Zoo
Appearance(s): 2
Full name: Johnny Zoo
Also known as: Johnny Ice
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: November 17, 1969
Place of birth: Tokyo
Date of death: 2013
Home: Anywhere City
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Danny Zoo(possibly)
Yonsi Zoo San(possibly)
Hana Funabashi(girlfriend)
Main affiliation: Yakuza
Vehicle(s): Black Miara with a blue roof
Businesses: J-Lab

Johnny Zoo (born November 17, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan) is the leader of the Yakuza in Anywhere City and appears in the game Grand Theft Auto 2. He has an extensive criminal record in Japan, although the Anywhere City Police Department are unable to obtain. In 1995 he was arrested on suspicion of multiple murders in a noodle bar. He was arrested again 1996 for possession of illegal firearms and was sentenced to six months in jail. He was arrested in 1997 for the Hello Sushi Bar Massacre but was bailed for $2 million. In 1998 he was alleged to have connections to a huge cocaine and amphetamine smuggling operation, as well as arms theft and dealing. He may be related to Danny Zoo (another Yakuza member), dates Hana Funabashi, and has a tattoo of a polar bear on his back. He is also known by the name "Johnny Ice".

Zoo is the first employer of Claude Speed and is a big car collector. The Yakuza are feuding with The Zaibatsu Corporation and Zoo employs Claude to help destroy the Zaibatsu. Meanwhile, Zoo has more problems because the Loonies refuse to pay off their debts to the Yakuza, so Zoo sends Claude to blow up their "Happy" gas tanks. Zoo then has Claude rescue two high ranking Yakuza officials from the Zaibatsu.  Later in the storyline, the police impounds Zoo's car, so he has Claude retrieve it. The Military are very angry that Zoo has recovered his car, so they send the army to destroy his car collection. but with the help of Claude, Zoo sucessfully fends them off. Eventually, Claude under the orders of the Loonies and the Zaibatsu corportaion, helps destroy the Yakuza. Zoo, along with Elmo and Trey Welsh, went after Speed but ended up getting killed in the process.

Mission appearances

  1. Get Zitzaki! (Boss)
  2. Bank Robbery! (Boss)
  3. Happy Gas Smash! / Destroy Happy Gas! (Boss)
  4. Get Gama Rei! (Boss)
  5. Follow That Traitor! / Follow Traitor! (Boss)
  6. SWAT Van Swipe! / Steal SWAT Van! (Boss)
  7. Stop the Tank! (Boss)
  8. The Final Job! (Killed)

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