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Juliet at the Vanilla Unicorn.
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Juliet
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Home: Forum Drive, Strawberry, Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Businesses: Stripper
Voiced by: Krista Ayne

Juliet is a stripper at the Vanilla Unicorn in Grand Theft Auto V.


She has blonde hair and red lingerie. She is one of the four strippers who can be taken home, only if her like meter is filled. However, to fill Juliet's (or any other stripper's like meter), one must get a private dance with her and flirt/touch her until the like meter is filled. Players should be aware however, that there is a guard who constantly walks around for a few seconds and comes back; if this guard sees the player touching her, he will be thrown out of the club. After Juliet's like meter is filled, the player has the option to take her home after the private dance is finished (or ended by force). If the player agrees to take her home, he can meet with her at the back of the club and take her home to have sex. 


  • Juliet can easily be noticed due to the fact that she has light blonde hair and red lingerie. 
  • Juliet lives on the same street as Franklin ClintonLamar Davis, and Denise Clinton, however, her house is further up and across the train tracks. 
  • Of the strippers available to take home, Juliet lives the closest to the strip club.
  • Juliet is one of four strippers who can be taken home in Grand Theft Auto V. The other three are Nikki, Infernus, and, Sapphire.
  • Though normally not available in Grand Theft Auto Online, it is possible to receive Juliet's phone number through a random glitch, which replaces one of the available strippers numbers with hers. Calling the number only results in a Busy signal however, and she cannot be called into an apartment.
  • It will always be raining after taking home and having sex with Juliet.



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