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K. Rosenberg & Co.

K. Rosenberg & Co.
is a law firm run by Ken Rosenberg and is based in Washington Beach, Vice City. The office is inside the Hotel Harrison. Rosenberg represents Tommy Vercetti, Avery Carrington and Giorgio Forelli. Ken Rosenberg's missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are done from the K. Rosenberg & Co. offices, where Ken also hides during the early part of GTA Vice City.


  • During cutscenes inside the office, the scenery outside does not match with any scenery around Hotel Harrison. The cutscenes actually take place south of the underground mall near Collar & Cuffs.
  • The name of the firm may have been the inspiration for K-Rose, a radio station in GTA: San Andreas.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, there's a news report that mentions "Rosenberg Companies", which indicates K. Rosenberg Co. already existed in 1984, with another name.

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