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Karin pickup truck
A rear and side view of the truck burning after Trevor sets it on fire
Vehicle type Civilian truck
Body style 2-door utility cab pickup truck
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Manufacturer Karin

The Karin pickup truck is featured in and makes its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto V.


The truck features a very linear design, similar to that of a fourth generation Toyota Hilux. It features a chrome bumper that spans the entire width of the front and also a short distance of the front quarter area. Above the bumper there are rectangular headlamp units. Just above the front of the flared wheel arch, rear view mirrors are mounted.

The main body features plain panelling, the main body line of the truck is completely straight, as evidenced by the bottom edge of the door windows. Behind the doors the cab features a window whose bottom edge is in line with the bottom edge of the door handle. The wheelbase is spanned by side steps , mounted just beneath the body. The rear section also features the same flared wheel arches. The load bed area has an impressed area near the top, leaving a ledge at the top of the body for the load bed area. The load bed area features a six-point roll bar, which may appear with four spotlights on top, mounted just behind the the cab. The truck appears with six spoke wheels wrapped in high-profile tyres.

The rear of the truck features rectangular rear lamp units, between these there is an impressed area with large embossed lettering of the manufacturer Karin.


This truck is a four wheel drive vehicle. It appears as if it has been given a "lift kit", it has independent shocks and springs for both axles. It also has a large amount of ground clearance and a body that allows for a lot of suspension travel.



 Grand Theft Auto V

  • TBA


  • The truck may appear with the text "4x4 REBEL", towards the rear of the sides of the load bed.
  • This pickup truck highly resembles the Bobcat, present on previous games.
  • In all three pieces of pre-release content the truck was featured in, it had been destroyed.

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