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Karma Assassins!! is the third mission given to Claude Speed by the Russian Mafia, in GTA 2. It given from the
GTA2 - Job 52 Karma Assassins!02:54

GTA2 - Job 52 Karma Assassins!

Industrial District in Anywhere City.


Kill 8 Karma Assasins,then destroy their master`s Armored Karma Bus.


There are 8 differently armed armed Karma Assasins.They will appear wherever road traffic is.They will arrive in Karma Buses,one in each,but leave them as soon as they find you.They armament is:

  • Pistol (4)
  • Shotgun (2)
  • Grenades
  • Molotov Coctail

Remember,that Karma Assasins are much more tougher than regular Krishna members.Even if set on fire they will continue to shoot at you.

When you killed all Assasins,Jerkov will tell you to kill "their maker".Mr.Bright is found in his armored Karma Bus,Guarded by 4 guards.Guards armed with Pistols and Molotov Coctails.Bus must be destroyed with rigged car.

You will get 60.000 after job completion.

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