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Kayla-GTA V
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Keyla
Status: Determinant
Gender: Female
Home: Fudge Lane, El Burro Heights, Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of Mexico Flag of the United States Mexican-American
Family: Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Fiance
Voiced by: Unknown

Keyla is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Follow Car of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Keyla is currently engaged to a doctor, but acts extremely possessive and paranoid about him. To the point of threatening to kill herself, if he did not give the password of the e-mail account of his work and even selling his dog without him knowing, so he can only give attention to her. She also has a high opinion about herself and her physical looks.

Events of GTA V

Keyla will be waiting for Franklin in her mother's house in Fudge Lane, El Burro Heights. She asks him to take her to Central Los Santos Medical Center in Capital Boulevard.

Keyla says that she wants to make a surprise for her fiance, who works in the hospital. She read some of his e-mails and found evidence that he is having an affair with another woman and now she wants to discover who she is.

After reaching the hospital, she asks Franklin to follow her fiance, but without being spotted. While Franklin is following her fiance, Keyla reveals more about their relationship, saying that she was the one who supported him when he almost dropped out of the medical school. She says that they used to have sex all the time, but now he is afraid of even touching her.

After Franklin tails the doctor to a block of apartments on Palomino Avenue in Little Seoul to meet his "mistress", she gets out of the car and shoots at the woman right away, she then has a brief argument with her partner, and he reveals that the woman was just a patient. She doesn't believe him and kills him too. Franklin can kill Keyla after this or just let her run away.

Franklin will receive a extra tip from Keyla if he followed her fiance without getting too close or too far from him during the ride.


  • Keyla is probably of Mexican descent, judging by her accent, appearance, and use of Spanish profanity.
  • When Keyla says that her fiance is a doctor, Franklin says "what is with all this woman and this doctors?", in an obvious reference to his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Jackson.


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