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Kayla is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Personality and background

Kayla lives on Fudge Avenue in El Burro Heights in Los Santos. She is a possessive and paranoid woman, with a high opinion of herself and her physical looks. She is probably of Hispanic descent, judging by her accent, appearance, and use of Spanish profanity. She is currently engaged to a doctor.

Role in the story

She is one of the private fares Franklin can be asked to complete after he purchases the Downtown Cab Co., having requested a professional and discreet driver. She wants to surprise her fiancé at his workplace, having read his email and found evidence he is having an affair. After Franklin tails the doctor to a block of apartments to meet his "mistress", she gets out of the car and shoots at the woman, who is revealed to be a patient. After a brief argument, she will shoot at her partner. It is determined by the player's actions which of the three may survive the encounter. 

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