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* [[Shima]] <small>(Boss)</small>
* [[Shima]] <small>(Boss)</small>
* [[Smack Down]] <small>(Boss)</small>
* [[Smack Down]] <small>(Boss)</small>
* [[Waka-Gashira Wipeout]] <small>(Killed)</small>
* [[Waka-Gashira Wipeout]] <small>(Killed by [[Claude]])</small>

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Kenji Kasen
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto III
Full name: Kenji Kasen
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1965
Place of birth: Liberty City
Date of death: 2001
Nationality: Japanese American
Family: Asuka Kasen (sister)
Yuka (possible daughter) Toshiko Kasen (sister-in-law) Kanbu (possible relative) Kazuki Kasen (brother)
Main affiliation: Yakuza
Asuka Kasen
Ray Machowski
Vehicle(s): Yakuza Stinger
Businesses: Kenji's Casino
Voiced by: Les J.N. Mau
"Yardie pushers line Liberty's streets selling packets of SPANK like they were selling hotdogs!"
Kenji Kasen

Kenji Kasen (Japanese:' 加瀬健治, Kasen Kenji) was a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto III (set in 2001). He is the brother of Asuka and Kazuki Kasen, and the co-leader of the Yakuza alongside his sister Asuka. He is also the brother-in-law of Toshiko Kasen possible relative of Kanbu and is possibly the father of Yuka, Asuka's niece. He is voiced by Les J.N. Mau, who has also appeared in television shows such as Law & Order.


Life up to 2001

Kenji Kasen was born and raised in Liberty City with his older siblings Asuka and Kazuki, joining the Yakuza.


In 2001 Kenji opened his casino, Kenji's Casino, in Torrington, the same place his brother Kazuki had owned his casino. Kenji joins his sister in becoming the co-leader of the Yakuza and begins to employ Claude on advice from his sister. He has Claude prove himself, despite Asuka's assurances, and, due to his fierce belief in loyalty, has him break Kanbu out of prison.

Kenji, impressed with Claude's ability, has him collect three sports cars and deposit them in a garage, ambush a deal between the Colombian Cartel and the Uptown Yardies, collect briefcases of protection money and kill many members of the Uptown Yardies who were selling the drug SPANK.

Claude later begins to work for media mogul Donald Love who employs him to kill Kenji whilst posing as a member of the Colombian Cartel, driving a Cartel Cruiser, in order to drive down property prices.

Mission appearances



  • Kenji is tongue-tied.


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