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In GTA San Andreas

Kruton 9000 is a computer that can be found in car mechanic garages in four GTA games. The first appearance of the computer is in Grand Theft Auto III in Joey's Garage only visible during cutscenes, the second is in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the Sunshine Autos Import Garage, the third is in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Michelle Cannes' garage, a fourth can be found inside the TransFender garage interior outside of the player's view and the fifth one can be seen in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in the Capital Autos building on a desk, thought it is normally inaccessible to the player.



  • The computer's name is similar to two robotic characters of science fiction, 2001: A Space Odyssey's villain computer HAL 9000 and Red Dwarf's service mechanoid Kryten.
  • It may be the game-counterpart of a M.O.T. testing computer, found in mechanic garages and used to carry out M.O.T. tests.
  • It might be a pun on the word "kurton" which is a Croatian slang word for condom.

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