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Kyle P. Slater is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is never mentioned by any character in the game, nor does he ever physically appear. The only means of contact to Slater is to dial 328-555-0145 on the in-game phone, and it will go to his voicemail. The player, as usual, cannot leave a message. Slater's identity remains a mystery.

Although he is not seen, the game files report that he appears in a random event, hitches a ride back to the base, thanks the player, and gives you his phone number.


  • Slater identifies himself as a First Lieutenant, indicating that he is part of the U.S. Army.
  • Slater's voice message is "This is First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater. Leave the when, the where and the how after the tone." This indicates that he may be in a hitman, though this is merely speculation.
  • Slater is the only character in GTA V that can be called without previously having his number.
  • It is possible that Slater was a character that was originally to be featured in the game, but was cut before release.

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